2014 Fiat Abarth Newport News VA

2014 FIAT Abarth

Cabrio Drop-Top model sports leather seats

Dash and Instruments designed for performance


The FIAT Abarth at FIAT Of Newport News in Newport News, VA

The Abarth (pronounced AH-bart) performance version of the highly popular Fiat 500 is named for Austrian racer and aftermarket tuner Karl Abarth. The Abarth  adds another 59 horses to the 101-horsepower 500 so its a little powerhouse and it looks like one, even when standing still.

Powering the FIAT Abarth

Turn the key and the 500 Abarth clatters to life. The designers at FIAT wanted a sporty exhaust tone and they built it.  The Abarth's turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder starts out tepid but scurries to speed as the engine tears through its torque peak, a plateau from 2,500 to 4,000 rpm as its twin turbochargers kick in.

The 2014 Abarth's Design

Extended side skirts and a 0.6-inch lower ride masculinize the Abarth's gumdrop profile. The Abarth measures 4.8 inches longer than the regular 500, partly because its front bumper extends 2.7 inches ahead of the cars front end. Fiat says it provides clearance for the turbocharged engine's two intercoolers, which receive air through six separate nostrils. This is a small car but sports plenty of attitude.


No question, the stylish Abarth will sell on looks alone.  Owners will note plenty of glances as they drive their Abarths around. The turbo is addictive, but consider you may want to consider this closer to a sports car than a more refined model.  The only way to see if an Abarth is for you is to try one out.  Contact the folks at FIAT Of Newport News and arrange for a test drive.

Learn more about the FIAT Abarth on their Official Website.

Features of the 2014 FIAT Abarth

  • Extreme Sporty Looks
  • Dual Turbocharged Engine
  • Built for Performance

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