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2014 FIAT 500 Electric

2014 FIAT 500 Electric for sale near Newport News, VA

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New FIAT 500 Electric at POMOCO FIAT in Newport News, VA

Because FIAT loves car design as much as they love the Earth, they created an all-electric FIAT 500e. The FIAT 500e is 100% battery powered and yields zero tailpipe emissions without compromising style. After all ugliness is the worst pollution of all. With its Italian styling, instant torque, smooth acceleration and aerodynamic bodywork, the FIAT 500e is simply environmentally sexy.

Powering the FIAT 500 Electric

The FIAT® 500e powertrain is 100% electric and composed of three main components: an advanced high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack, a high-power electric-drive motor and a power inverter module to help manage power flow. Take your fun farther than ever before with an EPA-estimated annual gasoline equivalent cost of $750 and an EPA-estimated fuel consumption rate of just 29 kilowatt hours (kWh) per 100 miles.

The 2014 500 Electric's Design

Paint the town your favorite color. The FIAT® 500e is available in five stylish exterior colors: Arancio Elettrico (electric orange), Argento (silver), Granito Lucente (granite crystal), Bianco Perla (pearl white) and Nero Puro (straight black). A white front fascia insert and white mirror caps are included with steam interior.


The FIAT 500e may be a smallish car but it is a safe one. Outfitted with state-of-the-art airbags and steel cage construction, you're enveloped

in safety and security. Interested in what you see?  Visit Holt FIAT of Hurst TX today and see what these neat little 100% electric cars are like.

Learn more about the FIAT 500 Electric on their Official Website.

Features of the 2014 FIAT 500 Electric

  • Fantastic Styling
  • 29 kilowatt hours (kWh) per 100 miles
  • Hands Free BLUE&ME system
  • State of the Art Safety Systems

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